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Yoga Perth
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 14 reviews
by Sarah on Yoga Perth
Yoga for Back Course

The course has helped me consider how I stand and sit and my general posture when lifting and working.

by Susan on Yoga Perth
Excersises are easy to do and have helped Relieve Tension

I still have occasional back pain but I am more agile. I sleep better and I am able to focus on good movements. I would definitely recommend the course to others - and I have already!

by Gerard on Yoga Perth
I have a new lease of life!

I can now participate in the majority of activities from work to social and DIY. I am sleeping better and my mobility is vastly improved! I have been able to get active again and I have been able to loose several pounds. Also I have been able to lengthen to time between my chiropractors appointments. I have enjoyed learning about yoga, breathing better and how relaxation can help with stressful situations.

by David on Yoga Perth
Less pain and much more flexibilty

Much more confident in dealing with flare ups and not accepting pain. I use the exercises rather than Painkillers!!

by Valerie on Yoga Perth
Feeling Taller

I'm much more confident in understanding my back and how to manage a painful episode. Also I understand the breath better after years of yoga! The book and laminated sheets are a great reference and I love the relaxation CD. Thank you!

by Margaret on Yoga Perth
More Mobile

Everything was good - room cosy - class nice length and enjoyed the relaxation.

YHLB December 2014

by Jane on Yoga Perth
Back Yoga ending December 2014

All poses are appropriate for very or slightly painful backs. Very good for mental health, learn ways to help yourself - Thank you.

by Rachael on Yoga Perth
YHLB Student feedback Dec 2014

The course has helped my mentally more upbeat and in control! A great alternative to being given pills by my GP!

by Marc on Yoga Perth
June 2014 Sleeping better

Great improvement in the mobility of my back and less pain during the night allowing me to sleep better, with less pain the morning. I now have the ability to help relieve the pain in my lower back.

by Racheal on Yoga Perth
June 2014 Sitting Comfortably!!

Positive effects of the Course on a scale of 1-10 = 8!!

I find myself sitting more comfortably at work, I am more aware of how my posture should be and correct myself when I am slouching. Thank you!!

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