Welcome to Yoga Perth

“Anyone can practice Yoga – no matter their age, religion or walk of life,
unwell or fit – for we all have to breathe!”

Rachel, Yoga teacher

Myself and close family members have suffer from lower back pain and disc problems and I have witnesses first hand how Yoga can help – improving body and self awareness as well as improved general well being and confidence.

I wanted to find out more about yoga for back pain and further my studies in this specific area. This is why I underwent further training in the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs program.

I am now really excited to be offering the Yoga for Healthy Lower Back Course in the Perth area.


A brief history of Yoga

Yoga originated in India many thousands of years ago and it is the oldest system of personal development in the world. It works to bring and keep the body, mind and soul in balance.

The yoga postures or asanas stretch and tone every part of the body – muscles, joints, spine and skeletal system – they not only work on the external body but also on the deeper hidden organs, glands and nerves. By releasing physical and mental tension a vast resource of energy can be released.